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Residential Contractors Bergenfield NJ 07621

Residential Contractors Bergenfield NJ 07621

Residential Contractors Bergenfield NJ 07621

Bergen County Contractors Bergenfield NJ 07621


Welcome to this Bergenfield NJ Residential Remodeling Contractor

If you are looking for a professional local Bergenfield NJ general contractor, you have come to the right place!  Bergen County Contractors by Pangione Developers Inc is the most affordable solution for your family to call if you are looking for a local contractor in the Bergenfield NJ area. Pangione Developers Inc is a boutique style remodeling contractor.  As a Bergen County Contractor, Pangione Developers Inc is a local remodeling contractor you can count on for quality and professional home renovation services. We offer a full range of remodeling services including:

Bergen County Contractors

bergen county contractors

Bergen County Contractors by Pangione Developers Inc is your most trusted remodeling Contractors in the Bergenfield NJ area, and all throughout Bergen County. Knowing how to get the job completed on time is our specialty. When you need to get your remodeling project completed on time then call Pangione Developers Inc., We will finish on time,  every time.  When you want to have a remodeling project completed professionally and accurately call Pangione Developers.  You can reach Pangione Developers Inc at our Bergen County NJ location today. Call us now at             (201) 774-3733 for a FREE consultation. Visit our website: , to check our complete up to date specials and videos as well as detailed information of some of the remodeling projects we have completed at Pangione Developers Inc, a Bergen County Contractor in NJ have successfully completed.

Our slogan is simple but effective, “We Make It Easy To Hire Us” and here’s why. Based on our great reputation for home additions and add a levels, we have easily become the “go to” contractor for this type of niche remodeling. But we take it a step further. Pangione Developers Inc will provide the most affordable remodeling package to your family. You will toss out any other offers after you have received our full estimate and referral package. That’s why other contactor’s can’t compete.

 Pangione Developers Inc has developed it’s business model by establishing not just a working relationship with it’s customers. We are a company that cares about your remodeling needs. We realize that a remodeling project is not a quick process. Our workers will be in your home throughout the building process. This is just one aspect where Pangione Developers Inc differs from other Bergen County Contractors. When we finalize our contractual obligations, homeowners have stayed in touch with us on a personal basis. We have developed friendships with homeowners all throughout New Jersey and that speaks volumes.

 Here’s where it get’s even better. Pangione Develoeprs Inc stands by it’s finished product with a 5 year guarantee on all workmanship. Best of all our communication service is second to none. Using all the latest forms of communication such as texting, email and direct cell phone connecting, one simple call is all it takes to reach out to Pangione Developers Inc.

Specializing in all forms of home additions and add a levels throughout New Jersey, Pangione Developers Inc is a full service complete home remodeling company. Are you looking to add a second floor addition, a first floor rear or side addition or even a multi level home addition in New Jersey, call Pangione Developers Inc. We will remodel your home in Bergenfield NJ . Our Bergenfield remodeling contractors will save you money and aggravation by keeping the building process organized and on time. You can be assured that you will receive professional quality and exceptional craftsmanship that you would expect backed by our industry best 5 year guarantee that will provide you and your family the piece of mind you would expect. Contact Pangione Developers Inc, a Bergen County Contractor now, and have us transform your home remodeling project into a reality!

Bergen County Contractor, Pangione Developers Inc has the professionalism, knowledge, and expertise to have your job completed the right way in a timely manner.  You will notice that we pay close attention to the smallest details throughout your remodeling project. Pangione Developers Inc’s experts will have your Bergenfield Remodeling Home Addition Project completed and all final inspection stickers will be presented to it’s owners at the end of your Bergenfield NJ remodeling project. Based on our excellent reputation and standing with our previous customers, we have been able to separate ourselves  as the go to remodeling contractor in the Bergenfield area in Bergen County New Jersey NJ as well as throughout the rest of New Jersey.

Contact us at Pangione Developers Inc. We look forward to addressing any questions your family may have regarding your Bergenfield home remodeling project in Bergen County NJ. As Bergen County Contractors, we look forward to hearing from you and your family located in the Bergenfield community. We will show you the high level of work our Remodeling Contractors have to offer to the Alpine community.  Get in touch with us online: or by phone: (201) 774-3733 for a Free Estimate. Like all of our customers, you will be amazed as too the precision and accuracy of which we build not to mention the speed in which we finalize your remodeling project located in Bergenfield New Jersey.


Our Remodeling Process

Pangione Developers Inc offers direct communication between builder and homeowner. Using email, text as well as cell phone communication, you can reach us at all hours of the day. We realize that our customers work and have daily routines. When you leave and go to work, so do we. Being able to reach us is extremely important and we realize this. Our customers are given a direct number to reach once a contract is signed. They can call at any time or text as well. Are you a email user, you will receive a direct email address for instant answers from us. Maintaining direct communication is important and you will find that is the case for your home remodeling project in New Jersey.
Once the homeowner in Bergenfield New Jersey agrees to sign a contract, we decide on a specific date to sign your home remodeling contract. For your convenience we will arrive at your home in Bergenfield NJ at an agreed upon time. We realize that homeowners are a bit nervous regarding specification and strategies listed within a remodeling contract. So to make this process easier, we have created a complete contract template breaking down each remodeling category. Each category has complete detail listing your job. The contract is customized  to your exact specifications as discussed in prior meetings. At the contract signing, we will read the entire contract from start to finish stopping along the way to address any questions you may have. Our contracts are extremely thorough. You will find all the necessary information within your personalized contract package. Within it’s contents is the contract itself along with your 5 year warranty and a form that also set’s us apart from our competitors which is the “Project Stages Form’. The project stages form lists each stage of the project not only providing a start date but a finish date as well.

Within the “Project Stages Form” you will find mentioned the date of arrival from our in house architect, engineers if needed, lead testing as well as all the necessary inspections that are needed just to name a few.

Once the permit is ready and the building department notifies us, we will arrive at your home at a predetermined date to discuss the upcoming events that will occur. At this point arrangements will be made so that containers and port o johns can be delivered onsite. All necessary floor coverings will be delivered and installed. Pangione Developers Inc will also install professional dust barriers throughout the needed areas where dust is expected. Don’t worry, Pangione Developers Inc is pet friendly… We even have a company dog (Starr the Pug) as everyone knows her. You can see her video here (((Starr The Pug))). We know what its like to have pets and wouldn’t want anything to happen to your little family member.

At the end of it all, we will provide a complete walk through your Bergenfield home to make sure that everything is satisfactory. Pangione Developers Inc will provide immediate assistance to any warranty issues if any were to come up. Backing up our warranty is something that we take great pride in. You can rest assured that you are in good hands when you hire Pangione Developers Inc.
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Here are some of the benefits for choosing Pangione Developers Inc.
•    Communication – We offer the most direct easy to reach forms of communication
•    Planning – Our in house architect includes detailed precise blueprints
•    Affordable Pricing – “We Make It Easy To Hire Us”
•    Cost Effective Renovations – Our pricing and packages offer the most economic way to save money and add more value to your Bergenfield remodeling project without cutting back on quality and craftsmanship.
•    Pangione Developers – We are a fully licensed and insured Click Here for Our Website


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Bergen County Contractors by Pangione Developers Inc  Bergenfield Home Remodeling
When you are looking for a Bergen County remodeling contractor, you will need to consider many important things. Consider the remodeling contractor that you are calling to be an established business in your local area of Bergenfield  If so, are they a qualified remodeling company to build your type of remodeling project? It does not qualify a remodeling contractor to build your home addition if they installed new roof shingle on your neighbors home. This certainly doesn’t qualify them to be your remodeling contractor for your home addition or remodeling project.

Remodeling your Bergenfield will be exciting and to be quite frank, it is easy for a homeowner to go over budget if they don’t stick to the original contract. A lot of times, homeowners may forget to add something into the project or may even decide that what they had originally may not be suffice in say 3-4 years. If you stick to your main plan of budget then you will avoid this type of situation. Here are a few tips to help you avoid overspending for your Bergenfield remodeling project.

 Whether you are building a home addition or add a level in Bergenfield New Jersey, try to stick to your original budget. We find a lot of homeowners may realize something that they didn’t during the planning process and immediately order that option. However it may be wise to give it a day or so to think about whether or not you truly need what you originally thought was insignificant.

There are times that homeowners stick to the original budget and yes, it does happen. However it is extremely easy to add on more options during the construction cycle. Did you ever go to a resort for a few days and all you had to do was swipe a card for a purchase. That is sort of the feeling homeowners get while building. Instead of one light in the room center, they may want 4 recessed. Then instead of carpet, they have hardwood installed. These extra’s can add up so if you stick to the original plan, your Bergenfield remodeling project will keep on track. To get more tips go      Click Here

Professional Bergen County Remodeling Contractors at Pangione Developers Inc recognize that your satisfaction begins with the initial phone inquiry and continues with the design and build of your remodeling project. In the end it will be YOUR satisfaction regarding Pangione Developers Inc which will encourage future clients to choose our Pangione Developers Inc to be your  remodeling contractor. This is why many homeowners will choose us for their Bergen County Contractor. When you are ready for your home remodeling in the Bergen County area, contact Pangione Developers Inc as your Bergen County Contractor today. When you call, we will hear all of your important ideas towards your Bergenfield remodeling project and then we will work with you to finish, and ensure our remodeling commitment meet your expectations

 bergenfield nj Kitchen additions

Bergen County Contractors by Pangione Developers Inc – Bergenfiled kitchen Remodeling
They say that the kitchen is the center of your home. It is the place that gets the most traffic, hosts the most people and you and your family spend the most time. It should be the one room that takes careful planning so that it offers a warm inviting feeling. You want to walk into your kitchen and want to cook as well as host. It is a place to inspire your creativeness with food. Pangione Developers Inc has installed hundreds of kitchens throughout New Jersey. We are kitchen experts and can help you realize your kitchen dreams

One of the best ways to increase your homes value is to remodel a kitchen. If your existing kitchen inBergenfield NJ is in need of remodeling, this will most certainly help in your homes resale value. Any type of Bergenfield kitchen remodeling project and bathroom renovations can help your homes value appraise better than if you didn’t remodel, in most cases that is. The bathroom and the kitchen areas are the first thing a new homeowner considers when purchasing a home. They help in the sale presentation typically returning more than 50% or more of the costs incurred for your Bergenfield NJ home.

Do you have a kitchen that is dated and live in Bergenfield, call a Bergen County Contractor that has experience in the Bergenfield area. Pangione Developers Inc offers expert craftsmanship for any complete kitchen renovation. Call us today and soon you can have our experienced Bergen County Kitchen Remodeling Contractors provide you and your family with a quote as well as our innovative kitchen design ideas.

Pangione Developers Inc will provide you with the best quality and value for your Bergenfield Kitchen remodeling  From the initial consultation to the design and build for your kitchen renovation in Bergenfield, we will provide the best price and quality. Contact Pangione Developers Inc to discuss your kitchen remodeling. Call us at (201) 774-3733 for a FREE estimate and discuss your ideas about your kitchen.

bathroom renovation in bergenfield nj

Bergen County Contractors by Pangione Developers Inc – Bergenfield Bathroom Remodeling

If you have an existing bathroom in Bergenfield NJ that needs an uplift, call Pangione Developers Inc. We can transform your old bathroom into a new showplace for less. Are you unsure as to what steps you need to take to get your Bergenfield bathroom remodeling underway? Pangione Developers Inc can help transform easily. You see out bathroom remodeling ideas and videos that we feel will impress you.

Many homes in Bergen County New Jersey still have the original bathrooms that date as far back as the 1950’s. Transform your bathroom into a relaxing and rejuvenating stress free environment. Ever consider a steam shower or massage heads in your custom shower? How about a nice long bath in your soak tub. Pangione Developers Inc, a Bergen County Contractor can show you many different designs and layouts that can maximize your existing bath area. If you want to see some more information on Bathroom Remodeling in the Bergenfield area, keep reading.

Whether you have a large bathroom makeover or small, Pangione Developers Inc can provide a wide array of ideas to help transform any bathroom  into a beautiful modern bathroom design  especially in the Bergenfield area. Pangione Developers Inc will provide you with the most professional contracting experience you will find.

Pangione Developers Inc, a Bergen County Contractor has performed many bathroom renovations  in and around Bergenfield NJ. We will be happy to provide you with our professionalism and experience as well as our well known bathroom remodeling packages. We have a vast knowledge of bathroom remodeling experience, bathroom design and bathroom supplier discounts for our customers. Please feel free to contact this Bergen County Contractor for a FREE estimate today at (201) 774-3733. You can find more about us online at:  Click Here

If you simply want to add new fixtures or completely remodel your Bergenfield bathroom from top to bottom, our remodeling experts at Pangione Developers Inc will assist you and your family from beginning to end. We will provide you with 1st rate bathroom remodeling ideas that will make your bathroom remodeling project look just the way you anticipated and more. Call our Bergen County Contractors at (201) 774-3733 for a FREE estimate today.

kitchen additions

Have you decided on adding a home addition in order to increase living space. Home Additions are a common way for a family to increase the home’s square footage in Bergenfield New Jersey. Pangione Developers Inc will design and build the entire home addition from start to finish so no need to think about hiring an outside architect. Our remodeling package prices include full architectural plans. If your family resides in Bergenfield then consider hiring Pangione Developers Inc for all your home addition needs. Home Additions are a great way  to get that extra living space without all the costs associated with moving to a larger home. Better yet, increasing the size of your home allows you to remain in the town that you are familiar with and maintain your friends and neighbors.

Pangione Developers Inc specializes in home addition building in and around the Bergenfield area. Our design team will provide complete layout schemes for your viewing and approval. Once you have approved the final draft of your home addition, Pangione Developers Inc will complete the Home Addition drawings and file your addition permit application with the Bergenfield building department for approval. The plans will include all the necessary zoning calculations with your complete set of plans. Once approved, we will set up a meeting to discuss the start date which is already in writing at the contract signing weeks earlier.

Your home addition in Bergenfield can come in many forms. Depending on what part of the home you are looking to expand, Pangione Developers Inc will listen to your Home Addition needs at our initial consultation. Based on your thoughts and ideas, we can build everything from a family room to a complete home addition remodeling project. Bedroom bath combinations are big sellers for us however add a level and rear multi story house addition packages is our area of expertise.

Whatever type of room addition you need,  we are here to remedy your cause. Do you dream of building a kitchen addition or large family room home addition? We will calculate your allowable lot coverage and provide you with the statistics that your property can allow for your Bergenfield home.

Planning your Home Remodeling project in Bergenfield  can be tedious for a homeowner to take on themselves. Pangione Developers Inc will provide the estimated budget of your requested home addition in Bergenfield NJ. As a Bergen County Contractor, we have references all throughout New Jersey. Hire a professional remodeling contractor for your room addition ,house addition and even your full add a level project

home additions

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At Pangione Developers Inc, we are successful in simplifying the home addition process. We provide a full spectrum of services. Pangione Developers Inc is a remodeling company that services all of New Jersey. We can provide all your remodeling needs from beginning to end. Our experts will complete your home remodeling project in Bergenfield. Call us now for a FREE estimate at (201) 774-3733.
Other Services We Provide in Bergenfield, NJ

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Bergen County Contractors by Pangione Developers Inc

If you live in New Jersey and are located in and around Bergenfield NJ, call us at (201) 774-3733. We provide FREE estimates and a written estimate within 24 hours of the initial appointment.

Zip Codes in the Bergen County, New Jersey (NJ) area that we provide remodeling services to include:

If you are looking for a professional Bergenfield remodeling contractor Bergen County Contractor, Pangione Developers Inc can be reached at (201) 774-3733.



Is your family in need of more living space than a simple addition can provide in Bergenfield . If so you would want to consider building an add a level in New Jersey. Drive around any town in and around Bergenfield and you will find that this trend has only gotten started.

Pangione Developers Inc  specializes in add a level construction all throughout New Jersey. If you are looking for an add a level contractor in Bergenfield then call us now.

An add a level is where the roof structure of your home is removed to the top of the wall that it rests upon. Then the new upper add a level is built in its place. Pending the size of the original structures perimeter, you can add that much square footage above. Pangione Developers Inc offers several add a level packages for homeowners in the Bergenfield area. Whether you own a ranch, cape cod or split level home, we can build your 2nd story addition with precision.

You want to hire a professional that specializes in add a levels construction. This is an understatement since add a level builders have many variables that can take place while construction is underway. Just because a builder has built a new home or home addition doesn’t mean he has experience in add a level construction.

When you call Pangione Developers Inc for your add a level consultation we will provide you with all the necessary information pertaining to your custom add a level in Bergenfield . Once we listen to your families concerns, a written proposal will be provided within 24 hours of our initial consultation. From this point on, homeowners will still have additional questions for their add level remodeling project. We can provide quick responses via email, text or direct phone calls. Usually homeowners go back and forth 2-3x with their add a levels questions before they decide to move forward into the contract stage. At that point we will set up a contact signing date. Here, your add a level specifications will be written in your contract in an “Easy To Read” format. Each category is broken down and labeled such as “Heating / Cooling” , “Master Bedroom”, ”Master Bathroom”, “Roofing” “Windows” etc. You add a level contract will provide exact details within each category. At your add a level contract signing, we will read the entire contract from start to finish. Once any questions are answered and the contract has been discussed, the homeowner will receive an add a level contract package. Within this add level package are all the necessary forms needed as the job progresses. You will find list forms that we will fill out as needed for items such as the bathroom fixtures and tiling, siding and roofing colors and general information regarding materials and applications.

From here, your add a level project will begin to take shape. Our architect will arrive within 2-4 days for all of your necessary New Jersey add a level measurements. Our process is extremely streamlined from here on. Once the preliminary architectural add a level drawings are sketched out, we will immediately forward via a PDF file to your email for your viewing. Usually homeowners will revise the drawing anywhere from 1-3x.

I would like to touch on this area for a moment regarding the add a level planning process to help young families have a clear understanding. When an add a level is created, we start the design process which will be based on a few common factors for any New Jersey Add a level project. The design will have to take into consideration the existing first floor walls that it will be built upon. From here we have to consider if there is an existing staircase or not. If you own a cap cod home, the staircase is already intact. If you own a ranch or split level, your new add a level will need a staircase incorporated into the floor plan. Also what many people forget is the fact that 90% of existing homes have a chimney going up somewhere near the center of the house so your new add level floor plan needs to be created around the chimney. Most times the chimney is built into a closet wall never to be seen again. With these factors to consider, the new floor plan usually falls into place rather easily. When we install the new front upper windows, we align them above the lower front existing windows so the front of your home is astetically pleasing. So since there are existing conditions to contend with, your 2nd floor addition design process moves along rather quickly.

Once the design has been approved by the Bergenfield homeowners, you will sign a “Plan Release Form” which states that the drawings have been approved by the homeowners. This signals us to finalize the drawings and then send them to the Bergenfield building department.

Don’t worry about all the paperwork that is involved for your New Jersey Add a Level. Pangione Developers will file all zoning and permit applications. If the building department has any inquiries regarding your NJ Add a Level project, we will be the contact that will respond so there are no worries for our customers.

Now that all that has been completed and the permits are approved on your top floor addition, Pangione Developers Inc will start your add a level in Bergenfield within one week… and that is in writing. As part of our commitment to offering unparalleled workmanship and an overall pleasant building experience, Pangione Developers has eliminated one of the many fears homeowners have when getting ready for an add a level project. That is the fact that as a homeowner, you want to be informed and updated regarding start and finish dates for your add a level. Well, we have stepped it up to another level that separates ourselves from our competitors. When you hire Pangione Developers Inc, we will put in writing not only a start date but our complete project stages timeline and estimated finish date. You won’t find that from our competitors. For more information regarding your Bergenfield add a level project, contact Pangione Developers Inc at (201) 774-3733.

Once your add a level project gets underway, Pangione Developers Inc will handle all the necessary inspections that are required by the Bergenfield NJ building department. After each inspection you will receive an email stating the results keeping your family informed step by step.

When any custom materials are needed such as tiling and bath or kitchen fixtures, Pangione Developers Inc will request the necessary forms that are within the contract package for your add a level. We will provide all quantities and spec’s necessary for your add level. Some items may be needed sooner than others and they will be appropriately marked. The item that will be needed soon we will provide you with at least 2 weeks notice which will give you sufficient amount of time to research and ship back onsite. As you can see, we provide complete add a level management for our customers. We will provide plenty of time for any purchases and eliminate any last minute running around.

During the finishing stages of your NJ Add a level remodeling project, here we will go over any punch list items. We are not ones to let any punch list items accumulate. We like to keep this list at a minimum during the remodeling process.   When we are within a week or two from finishing, there will only be just 2 or 3 items that may need to be adjusted. However, your concerns will be addressed and we fine tune  your add a level accordingly.

Hiring an add a level contractor can be a big decision. Make sure you hire a add level contractor in New Jersey that has experience in this type of remodeling work. At Pangione Developers Inc we can provide you with 400 remodeling videos, most pertaining to add a level construction that we have filmed over that last few years. Contact Pangione Developers Inc to discuss your families add a level project. For a FREE consultation, call (201) 774-3733.

Residential Contractors Bergenfield NJ 07621

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